Kerry Irvine

This series is called ‘A Penny for your Thoughts’.

When clearing out my parents’ house 5 years ago, I came across items and photos that stirred many memories of my childhood, Memories that had faded away with the years.

These items were of no great monetary value except, to show how far our world has developed and revisiting these house hold items, my child hood memories were ignited again.

I have now become intrigued with the simple ways of yester years, as shown in the images on display.

I have included in this series war time images because of the memories that were passed on to me by my parents. Both were too young to serve however my father’s two eldest brothers went to war but only one returned. This influenced him greatly and united the family to overcome their loss.

The stencil print technique involves a number of hand-cut stencils which take hours to cut out. I then use the stencils and spray paint in stages, building layers to create a final picture.

The solar plate etching technique is an extremely involved procedure. After printing the images, I water colour the print.

I enjoy colour in all my art work, even If sometimes the subject is dark in mood. Because life is in colour!

My interests have always been in painting with a strong passion for print making.

I have completed a Diploma in Painting with distinction and also a Diploma in Fine Arts.

My art has been sold internationally.